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You used to own this conversation. Now, you’re just an invited guest.

The way you engage with consumers doesn’t just change by the day, it changes by the minute. At Marcus Thomas, our efforts for consumer team begin with an understanding of the uniqueness of your consumer – the way she researches, the way she tests the waters, the way she engages and all the ways she buys. Then we look to dial up the dialogue related to each brand in ways that are true, relevant and unique. So that she goes from trial to loyalty to advocacy on her terms. Today, that can take us from broadcast to social and ever-evolving experiential approaches. What will it take for your brand to join the dialogue? It starts with a conversation with us.

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Partial Client List

Some of the world’s biggest brands have relied on Marcus Thomas to find new ways to connect their brands with their consumers.


Insights, commentary and news

Big ideas drive innovation and are essential in engaging customers. Big ideas need big execution, too. That’s why our team is organized and focused on the four areas innovative companies need most:

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Strategy & Research
Don’t be fooled by consumers on social media
Strategy & Research
Another newsfeed algorithm change for Facebook
Media, Search & Analytics
You Talkin’ to Me? Addressable TV and the Rise of One-to-One Advertising

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The specialized thinking showcased above may also be found in these market segments.

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