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You have to get down and dirty to win in this space.

City folks want to run to the country for quiet on weekends. Country folks want to visit the big city for excitement. All of us want to make our homes the envy of the neighborhood (or condo association or high-rise). The home and garden team at Marcus Thomas takes a deep understanding of the home and garden consumer and uses that persona to formulate strategies that attract, inform, evangelize and engage them – directly or through the magazines, social media, mobile and DIY programming they watch and use – and we make it happen in some of the most unusual ways. 

MARKET NOTE: Marcus Thomas recently completed a study of 2000+ consumers around their habits relative to DIY and DIFM.  Among other significant takeaways, this study indicates that marketers need to adjust preconceived notions about Millennial homeowners and their home improvement habits. To learn more about this study and what it could mean for your business, email or call Mark Bachmann at 216 514 4544.

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Partial Client List

From floor to ceiling and all around the yard, we’ve got deep experience in the complex Home and Garden space.


Insights, commentary and news

Big ideas drive innovation and are essential in engaging customers. Big ideas need big execution, too. That’s why our team is organized and focused on the four areas innovative companies need most:

Strategy & Research
Conjoint analysis informs new product development, bundling, pricing
Content Marketing
Content marketing isn't a 'fad diet'. It's a life choice
Media, Search & Analytics
The missing piece: getting feedback straight from the source
Strategy & Research
It's time to measure the emotional appeal of creative

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