Social Media Marketing

Making friends and influencing people – to drive business.

Our Take

Connecting brands with consumers through integrated or standalone social media programs and content to achieve business results (like 35% sales lift in five years or 41% positive change in perception) has earned us top honors from the EX Awards, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Facebook Studio, the American Advertising Federation and Content Marketing World.

To deliver on those services, we employ professionals experienced in strategy, creative and community management and leverage the industry’s leading social listening and insight tools to help brands understand existing conversations, potential opportunities, and track trends that might impact their business. 


Social Strategy

It all starts with a plan. Our experienced team works collaboratively with brands to prioritize social marketing objectives, establish content strategies and messaging, rationalize and define delivery channel and platform purposes, and establish performance metrics and methodologies.

Content Strategy and Execution

To drive business forward, our team helps align an annual content direction that marries marketing objectives with seasonal needs, fluctuating audience mindsets, planned promotions and other company initiatives. We also identify content initiatives that may benefit from third-party influencers, partnerships or paid support, and work with our creative and production teams – including our in-house Content Box – to bring social content to life. 

Community Management

Our approach is built around the philosophy of being planful yet nimble – and immersing ourselves in our brands’ communities. We prepare monthly editorial calendars, and work within the legal approvals process established by each of our clients. Nimbleness comes in the form of social listening and ongoing monitoring of content performance to quickly jump on relevant opportunities, or adjust the plan as needed.

Influencer Programs

We’re experts in influencer strategy, identification and selection, program management and reporting. And our expertise has helped us produce award-winning programs for clients nationwide, by harnessing the power of today’s influencers to drive meaningful business outcomes. Let’s discuss how working with influencers can grow your brand. 

Social Reporting and Analytics

Prioritized and mutually agreed-upon key performance indicators – established at the onset – drive every step of program execution and shape our team’s decisions daily. Our social media strategists work in partnership with our analytics team to establish KPIs specific to clients’ business, marketing and campaign objectives.

Social Contingency and Crisis Management

As much value as social media can bring, its fast-paced nature can also present risk for an unprepared brand. The key to mitigating risk and protecting brand reputation is to anticipate potential risks and prepare contingencies. We have the expertise and processes in place to develop and implement social contingency plans for our clients, including identifying likely trigger scenarios and client-side subject matter experts, developing response strategies and messages, and preparing social media responses for likely or commonly recurring threats or criticism. 


We approach social monitoring on two levels. We perform daily monitoring as part of community management, including conversations on a brand’s owned channels, listening to relevant news, content and social conversations broadly, and responding should an opportunity or need arise through direct engagement or producing appropriate content. And we also look at trending data over time to identify audience insights and general conversation trends that impact our strategy overall. 

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