The Design Group

Usability. Aesthetic. Brand. Innovation. Design thinking is thread that ties them together.

Our Take

When a product, an experience, a brand leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, you can thank design. That's why Marcus Thomas created the Design Group.

From a new business presentation to a logomark/brand identity, iconography, collateral, exhibit and packaging, digital and website design, the Design Group leads the thinking that ensures the experience is on brand and serves its user -- beautifully. 

The Design Group works both independently and as a partner with Marcus Thomas creative teams to elevate all the work in the agency. 


Brand Identity

How you want your brand to be perceived involves lots of elements, many of which fall in the domain of visual design. Our Design team helps companies with logo designs, color, iconography and other elements that express a brand and develops structures and guidelines to enforce the expression of the brand over many touchpoints and situations.

Collateral Design

The word collateral may evoke visions of print sales materials, and that wouldn't be wrong. But it wouldn't be the full picture, either. Our design team regularly works with clients to develop marketing materials that are printed and/or shared via digital means. These materials range from sales brochures and packaging to product launch materials and annual reports. 

Digital Design

Designing for digital display, from smartphone to tablet to desktop to large-scale digital presentation, requires specialized knowledge of the user experience and of the technology upon which the content will be displayed. From website and app design, our Design Group comprises a team of designers skilled not only in visual organization and branding but also with an understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of digital.

Exhibit and Environmental Design

Tradeshows, exhibits and large-scale environmental design remain important weapons in the marketing arsenal. The Design Group at Marcus Thomas has extensive experience in all levels of environmental design from large-scale trade show installations to small in-store retail environments.

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